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Annual Summertime Downward Spiral

Annual Summertime Downward Spiral

We had quite the winter. It seemed to go on forever. Then as soon as we felt the tiniest rise in temperature in early May, it rained a fortnight. But through the inflamed blood vessels causing a defect in my sense of smell, I could still smell it on the horizon.

Take a deep breath. Go on, inhale.

Inhale the sweet smell of a new summer to make fresh bad decisions.

Yaaaaaaay! Summer is here! This is my favorite season. Like many others, my sense of freedom is heavily connected to warm weather along with all the debauchery there is to get into.

We all look forward to wearing fewer clothes, drinking colder and stronger drinks, and having straight up fun. But we rarely admit that we look forward to getting into some trouble. We all have our vices and boy do we indulge in the summer. We spend all winter and depending on the geographical locale, most of spring, waiting to leave the house. We are desperate to engage in all things social with our favorite people. But of course, there’s always someone or something new that comes in and ups the ante on the fun. Whether it’s a good or bad idea, summertime has an allure that triggers us all to say, “fuck it.”

We say, “fuck it” to a whole heap of things. Like work ethic, kindness, relationships, healthy eating habits, you name it. We stay out later enjoying patios and margaritas. Sunday Funday is a real thing. Even though we’re still younger, our bodies don’t recover as fast. But we don’t care because we feel the freedom of the evening breeze blowing away all rationale.

Some of us may even indulge in a fling or two, because why not? Some of us may take a step backwards and revisit and old thing. Whatever the choice may be, no judgment. Fuck it. Don’t judge yourself and don’t surround yourself with people who might judge you. You deserve to do something that serves you, despite what anyone else says. Just be responsible and go easy on yourself.

And, let the summertime downward spiral commence.

Fading In and Out of Sanity

Fading In and Out of Sanity