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Namaste November: Crown Chakra

Namaste November: Crown Chakra

Photo by Kristina V

The crown chakra is the realm of God, the creator. Located at the top of the head, the crown chakra acts as the spiritual center, allowing us to reach enlightenment. The main function of the crown chakra is liberation. Along with the crown chakra, violet is the color of transcendence, grace, and freedom.  When balanced, you feel oneness and peace. Your body, mind, and spirit can truly rest here. When unbalanced, you experience disorientation, constant worry, and are limited.

Mindful Meditation

Give yourself a hand clap, you have now ascended through the chakras. I am confident that if you have given true effort, then your energy and the energy around you has changed for the better. As you continue your meditation journey, understand that obstacles will arise but do not be discouraged. One thing I know for sure is that when you decide to answer the call, you will be met with opposition. The universe asks us to continuously grow and there will be growing pains for sure.

For Saturday’s 10-minute meditation, check in with yourself. Allow positive and healing energy to flow freely throughout your body. Begin at the base of your spine and work your way all the way to the top of your head. Envision a violet flower blooming until your body is filled with energy. If you notice any changes, log them in your memory bank. You will need a reminder when you begin to lose faith. Remember, God wants us to be free from anything that binds us.


I understand the impermanent nature of reality.
I am complete.
I am divine.
I invite sacred transformation.
I honor my spirit.

You can recite any one or all of the affirmations at any point during your day. When you wake up, during lunch, or right before bed are the easiest.


Drink lots of water today.

Namaste November: Mindful Eating

Namaste November: Mindful Eating

Namaste November: Third Eye Chakra

Namaste November: Third Eye Chakra