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Namaste November: Heart Chakra

Namaste November: Heart Chakra

Photo by Cyle De Guzman

All about unconditional love and compassion, the heart chakra is the beginning of higher consciousness. At the center of your chest and the middle of the seven chakras, the heart chakra represents a transformation from embodiment to enlightenment. The heart chakra reminds us of our connection to the spirit; when our three personal chakras are balanced and awakened, we are better prepared to connect to our divinity, which begins in the heart.

When balanced, the heart chakra requires no love in return and is readily able to show compassion to all beings. When off-balance, you tend to question your ability to both give and receive love. Green, the color associated with the heart chakra, holds healing qualities that aid in our ability to forgive. Green also symbolizes growth and change and has nurturing properties.

Mindful Meditation

For Wednesday’s 10-minute seated heart chakra meditation, visualize a green rosebud at the center of your chest. Visualize the green rose expanding as you inhale openness and exhale negativity. You will also want to inhale forgiveness and exhale any pain from your past. Continue to allow the rose to bloom as you exhale. As the rose opens, so will your heart. After this meditation, you should feel lighter. Raising the green vibration lifts the spirit.  

If you do not get a chance to meditate, do some self-reflecting. Ask yourself what is hurting you then consider how is it draining your energy. Are you working overtime to keep yourself from being hurt? Does the past pain hurt worse than the pain of not loving of experiencing love?


I love myself.
I love others freely.
I am a being of compassion.
I live in balance with grace and gratitude.
I know forgiveness.

You can recite any one or all of the affirmations at any point during your day. When you wake up, during lunch, or right before bed are the easiest.

Foods (the fresher, the better)

Green leafy veggies
Green fruits – kiwi, apples, grapes, pears, honeydew, etc.

Namaste November: Throat Chakra

Namaste November: Throat Chakra

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