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Namaste November: Sacral Chakra

Namaste November: Sacral Chakra

Photo by Christopher Burns

As one of the three personal chakras at the lower half of your body, the sacral chakra is centered on your sense of self. Located in the lower abdomen, the sacral chakra rules the womb, genitals, kidney, bladder and muscles. The sacral chakra aids your creativity, sensuality, joy and pleasure. Yes, your pelvic organs are closely connected to your sensuality, sense of self, and creative self. The sacral chakra is also indicative of your relationship with money, career, and power. When your sacral chakra is balanced, you have a strong sense of purpose. If you have a hard time with self-worth, chances are your sacral chakra is unbalanced.

Mindful Meditation

Monday’s meditation is all about what is sacred between you and your body. The color or aura associated with the sacral chakra is orange. If you can, spend some time in the sun taking in all her power, if no sun is available, visualize the sun with your eyes closed. Feel the warmth of the sun on your skin and invite it in. As you feel the sun’s warmth in your lower abdomen, allow it to calm you and reenergize you. Be aware of your thoughts. What comes to mind? Take note of your thoughts and see if you notice any association. When your mind inevitably wanders, simply show yourself compassion and continue.


I am confident in who I am.
I embrace life with passion and feel abundant joy.
I attract whole and nurturing relationships.

You can recite any one or all of the affirmations at any point during your day. When you wake up, during lunch, or right before bed are the easiest for me because it’s easier to get into routine.



Namaste November: Solar Plexus

Namaste November: Solar Plexus

Namaste November: Root Chakra

Namaste November: Root Chakra