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Namaste November: Solar Plexus

Namaste November: Solar Plexus

Photo by Joshua Newton

The solar plexus is the final personal chakra before the shift to the higher chakras. As you continue your ascent to higher consciousness, it is important that you begin to feel empowered. You will want to set your intentions on self-acceptance. Located just above the naval, the solar plexus is the power center, controlling your ability to manifest your desires. It also corresponds with your self-conscious and self-esteem.

When balanced, the solar plexus brings harmony and protection. When off-balance, you may feel angry, depressed, or unmotivated. Symbolizing power, yellow is associated with the solar plexus. Yellow is indicative of vibrating at a higher frequency. Like the solar plexus chakra, yellow also powers digestion and balances the liver and spleen.

Mindful Meditation

For Tuesday’s solar plexus meditation, showing yourself compassion is paramount. When you have grounded yourself and become more confident, you are better prepared to reach a place where you trust your intuition. To awaken the solar plexus, sit quietly and listen to the sounds of fire and visualize a ball of fire in the middle of your body.

As you visualize the ball of fire, draw power and energy from it and send its energy throughout your body. Feel the ball of power ignite in you. Then become aware of your thoughts and before you respond to whatever thoughts you have, write them down, however negative or positive. Remember, this is not about beating yourself up for what you are not; rather, accepting yourself for what you are. To combat the urge to come down on yourself, just recite any of the affirmations below. This takes practice and does not happen overnight, but I’d love to know if you notice any changes.


I do enough.
I accept myself & stand confidently in my power.
I do not impose my will onto other.

You can recite any one or all of the affirmations at any point during your day. When you wake up, during lunch, or right before bed are the easiest for me because it’s easier to get into routine.

Foods (the fresher, the better)

Whole grains
Sunflower seeds – unsalted

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