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What is the point of Mindfulness Meditation?

What is the point of Mindfulness Meditation?

Before I share each day’s plan for Namaste November, I want to provide some valuable information on what it means to show yourself compassion through mindfulness meditation.

Mindfulness Meditation

People get thrown off by the idea of meditation because of a general belief that it is meant to silence the mind and an idle mind is understood as the devil’s playground. Fortunately, the purpose of meditation is not for you to silence your mind, but to focus your mind. Consider your thoughts, everything you think about yourself is true. Aside from systems that ensure inferiority, people tend to thrive because they believe they can, and fail because they believe they cannot.

There’s also a belief that meditation means you have to be sitting with your legs crossed, chanting. Nope. You can meditate anywhere, anytime, and in whatever way feels most comfortable for you. Writing, reading, walking, listening to music, reciting affirmations are all ways to meditate. You just have to be focused and mindful of what you are meditating on.

In comes mindfulness. Mindfulness is more than just being in the present moment. It is being aware of your thoughts and choosing not to live on autopilot. Moreover, mindfulness is about self-acceptance. In order to accept yourself, we must learn to show ourselves compassion.


Instead of beating yourself up for having negative thoughts, the idea is for you to recognize the thoughts and when you are ready, to send them away. Instead of beating yourself for not being where you want to be or doing what you want to do, compassion allows you to recognize how far you have come. This work requires vulnerability and a belief that you can transform. As we prepare to move into a space of gratitude and self-acceptance, I ask that you simply begin noticing your thoughts. Do nothing more than become aware of the thoughts that bring you unhappiness or happiness.

Clear Your Space

One last thing. I know, it seems like a lot, and it is. But don’t be overwhelmed because you are free to do as little or as much as your heart desires. Anyway, before you begin this mindfulness journey with me, cleanse your space.

The typical way to do so is through smudging, which is just using sage or a similar plant that gives off a medicinal smoke that purifies or disinfects the air. Smudging aids in clearing bacteria and unwanted energies. if you aren’t interested in smudging, try decluttering. Throw away anything you don’t need and especially the things you don’t want. Get rid of old mail and consolidate papers into one file. Throw away all those grocery bags you saved but never plan to use. Do your laundry. Clean up. Organize some shit. Pray. Whatever you need to start in a new mental space.

Why Do We Use Chakras?

Why Do We Use Chakras?

Namaste November: A Journey to Mindfulness

Namaste November: A Journey to Mindfulness