Hi, my name is Kierra.

I wish to liberate. Dive deep into contradictions. Free us from binaries and dichotomies that keep us from living fully. Specifically, for black people though. Okay, you got me again; this is mostly for black women. More than once, you will give me the confused face and think, “but you just said...” And that’s exactly what will happen; all my contradictions coming together in one place to show you the dynamic nature of humanity. We are all flawed and perfectly imperfect and as I am learning to be more okay with it, I plan to expose you to why you should be okay with it too.

For me, this blog will be a space where I share my shamelessly honest opinion on important social topics. Dating. Reading. Family. Sex and sexuality. Confidence. Insecurities. Bravery and fear. Marriage. Love. God and religion. Where is God? Who or what god is. Encountering God. Friends. Beliefs. Therapy-take your ass to therapy (I will say this often). Occasionally, I’ll talk about my travels.

I want to take a moment to help you manage your expectations. You can expect a bunch of generalizations for dramatic effect. Profanity; I curse a lot...for dramatic effect, of course. Made up words. Language was created sooooo *shrug*. I don’t know what being ladylike means so there is no reason to expect that here.

Expect to disagree with me but be mindful of how you share your grievances, as I don't particularly fancy insolence. But still share your thoughts, I like dialogue. I refer to the universe a lot and it’s important for you to know that I believe in one god who created everything including the universe so don’t get caught up in nomenclature. You can expect me to hold men accountable but I do no “male bashing” so if you read anything I write and gather that, I invite you to look harder *Rafiki voice*.